Tesla Model S Small Drive Unit Rear KIT

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The small and compact overall package convinces with a very good "power-to-weight ratio". If you're short on space or need a little more efficiency, then the smaller versions of the Tesla drive units are for you. The engines are recycled from Tesla vehicles that have crashed. Of course, the unit remained intact. After purchase, we fully test, reprogram, refurbish and, if necessary, overhaul them.

The Tesla Units we offer can be purchased individually or in a set with additional components.

Technical specifications:

Characteristic value
HV voltage range
240 - 404V
HV current (peak) 650A DC
LV voltage
LV input current
< 5A (max)
power (peak) 220 kW (299 hp)
torque 330 Nm
engine speed (max.) 18,000 rpm
transmission Single ratio with differential ratio: 9.34:1
cooling Liquid-cooled, 5/8" connections (flow required during operation)
gears Forward, Neutral, Reverse (No mechanical gear changes. Reverse is achieved by reversing the direction of engine rotation)

Download: data sheet