Charger onboard charger 3.3 kW

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Charger 3.3kW

High-frequency charger, which can charge your vehicle battery in one phase with a charging capacity of 3.3 kW. The device is CAN-capable and secured according to protection class IP67. Combinations with different battery management systems are possible. The required set of connectors is included in the package.

Data overview:
Input voltage: 90V AC ~ 264V
Frequency: 45Hz~65Hz
Power factor: ≥0.99
Efficiency at max. loading: ≥93%
Operating Temperature: – 40℃~85℃
Storage Temperature: – 40℃~105℃
Charge control: CAN
Protection systems: output overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, reverse polarity, input low voltage, input overvoltage, input overvoltage, overheating